Which Caribbean island has the second largest land area?


The Caribbean island with the second largest land area is Hispaniola Island. This island consists of both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It covers an area of approximately 102 square kilometres.
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The largest island in the Caribbean is Cuba with an area of 110,860 sq km and the second largest is Hispaniola with 76,480 sq km. Hispaniola contains the countries Haiti and Dominican
Here is some information for you about the Caribbean Islands. I hope this helps.
Hispaniola, the second largest island in the Caribbean,
Hispaniola, island shared between Haiti and Dominican Republic, is the biggest island of the carribean, but if you refer to the biggest country in the caribbean then that would be
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The Island of Hispaniola - which contains both the Dominican Republic and Haiti - has the second largest land area in the Caribbean.
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The second largest Caribbean island is Hispaniola. It is located between the islands of Cuba to the west and Puerto Rico to the east in the world map. It is ranked ...
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