What Is the Celtic Symbol for Mother and Daughter?


The Celtic symbol for mother and daughter is the Triple Spiral. It represents the various aspects of motherhood. Dots can be added to the symbol to symbolize additional children.
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There's actually no such language as "Celtic" Celtic refers to a group of dozens of languages, six of which are spoken today: Breton. Cornish. Irish Gaelic. Manx. Scottish
The Celtic symbol for father daughter are Celtic Knots, there are a
Mother - muqin 母亲, mama (less formal) 妈妈. Father - Fuqin 父亲, baba (less formal) 爸爸. Daughter - Nu er 女儿. Gao
Yanx2 gives the Complex-formed Characters while it is not popular in china, so i give mother=妈妈, pronounced ma ma daughter=女儿 pronounced nv er hope
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