What Is the Cheapest Area of UK to Buy a House in?


The two cheapest areas to buy a house in the UK are South Yorkshire, at £52,750 and South Humberside, at £47,900 while Surrey, greater London, and Berkshire are the most expensive places to buy a house in UK. The average price of a semi-detached house in Greater London was £235,400.
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there no real answer to this question. Its really your opinion. Whats cheapest to you. And what may fit you budget or salary.
i live in newport, south wales. in the area i live in houses are selling fro around £50k-£100k. when i was homeless i was put in a B&B in Cwmtillery, shops are expensive
Those cex second hand shops mate, wait in there and wait for someone to try selling one, offer them an extra tenner when they get the offer from staff!
With the recent rise of home foreclosures many homes can now be found for
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The cheapest place to buy a house is in Irvine town in Scotland. The only disadvantage is that it has snow that can halt all business as was the case in the 2009 winter period. Irvine town has cool wet summers and is ideal for fishing.
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