What Is the Chemical Formula for Brown Sugar?


The chemical formula for brown sugar is C12H22O11. It is made by mixing cane molasses to a refined white sugar. It is considered as more healthful than white sugar due to its lower caloric contents.
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Sugar. Glucose is a sugar monosaccharide (monomer) C. 6. H. 12. O. 6. Table sugar (sucrose) is. C. 12. H. 22. O. 11. There are lots of sugars (monosaccharides, disaccharides, polysaccarhides
Plants produce sucrose through photosynthesis, the process of converting direct sunlight into food and energy. Carbohydrates contain one or more molecules of sugar. Sucrose is the
Sugars are carbohydrates: this means that they contain the elements Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, and that there is twice as much Hydrogen as there is Oxygen. Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms
The glucose molecular formula is C6H12O6, sucrose, which is common
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