What is the chemical formula for sugar?


The chemical formula of sugar is C12 H22 O11 and is known as sucrose. Sugar is a soluble carbohydrate in nature, and is in the group of the disaccharide. The other members of the disaccharide group are maltose and lactose.
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Common table sugar is a disaccharide with formula: C. 12. H. 22. O. 11.
What Is the Chemical Formula of Sugar? Answer: Table sugar. consists of a sugar known as sucrose. The chemical or molecular formula for sucrose is C. 12. H. 22. O. 11. which means
Most sugars are hexose sugars characterized by the presence of 6 carbon atoms
Sugars are carbohydrates: this means that they contain the elements Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, and that there is twice as much Hydrogen as there is Oxygen. Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms
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The chemical formula for sugar is C12H22O11. It is an organic compound known as sucrose. It is one of the most important carbohydrates because it is used in cell respiration.
C6H12O6 is the formula for basic sugar.
Sugars are carbohydrates; meaning that they contain the elements Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen. Its chemical formula is C6 H12O6. The simplest sugars are monosaccharides and then the most complex are polysaccharides.
The ordinary table sugar scientifically known as sucrose is made up of a combination of glucose and fructose. The chemical formula of sucrose is C12H22O11. It is called a disaccharide because it is composed of the two sugar units.
Sugar molecules include glucose, sucrose, lactose, fructose, maltose, and galactose. Sugar molecules are classified as monosaccharides or disaccharides. You can find more information here: http://www.chemicalformula.org/sugar
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Ribose is a pentose sugar (which means that it contains five carbon atoms) that is water-soluble and necessary for the synthesis of RNA backbones. The chemical ...
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