Chemical Formula for Vinegar?


The major chemical component of vinegar is acetic acid (CH3COOH) which constitutes about 5% of the whole composition of vinegar. Vinegar is actually created by the oxidation of alcohol by bacteria and it is used for cooking or for seasoning.
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Vinegars chemical formula is: HCH3Coo.
Vinegar is a dilute solution of acetic acid, so it has the same chemical
The chemical formula for Vinegar is CH3COOH. The name 'vinegar' is derived from its old French name 'vin aigre' which means 'sour wine'.
vinegar has no chemical formula in common but however is tested to be a dilute acetic acid which contains many impurities which result in the fermentation of fruit juice used to make
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Vinegar is C2H4O2.
Vinegar is a liquid substance which is composed of acetic acid and water. The formula for this liquid is CH3COOH which is the same formula for acetic acid. Vinegar is mostly used in the kitchen and it is manufactured through fermentation of ethanol using acetic acid.
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