What Is the Chemical Name for P2o5?


In terms of chemistry, the chemical in which has the chemical name of P2O5 is Phosphorus pentoxide. This chemical is a type of crystalline solid and is considered a good dehydrating agent. The CAS number for P2O5 is 1314-56-3.
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Diphosphorus Pentoxide
School kid? It is: Diphophorus penta oxide But usually it is called: Phophorus penta oxide. Di represents 2 but is not necessary to write. Penta is 5. P is Phosphorus. O is Oxygen
nitrogen monosulphide.
The chemical name of ritalin is methyl phenyl(piperidin-2-yl) acetate (in English language) and the chemical formula is C. 14. H. 19. O. 2. N.
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