What is the chemical symbol for sodium?


The chemical formula for sodium is Na. Sodium is a chemical element with the atomic number 11. It is a soft and silvery white metal that is highly reactive. Sodium is only stable as an isotope and is naturally found as sodium oxide.
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Na. 2. O sodium oxide.
The chemical formula for sodium phosphate is Na3PO4, which
NaN. 3.
Isn't it NaCl? Na=sodium and Cl=Chlorine (changes the suffix to -ide)
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Sodium has the atomic symbol Na
The atomic symbol of an element is usually represented by the first letters of a given element's name in Greek or Latin.
The chemical symbol for sodium is Na. This is one of the elements whose symbol is named after its Latin name. Sodium in Latin is natrium. You can find more information here: http://www. chemicalelements. com/elements/na. html
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