What Is the Coldest Planet in the Solar System?


Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun and as well as the coldest planet in our solar system. It has a minimum temperature of 224 °C and ii consist mostly of gases, ice, rocks and the strong winds.
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The coldest planet in the solar system is Pluto, which has temperatures down to -238
Uranus, if you're talking about after 2006. because before that, Pluto was. Venus is the hottest.
As the planets in our Solar System get further away from the Sun, they generally get colder. So what is the coldest planet of our Solar System. That would be Neptune, the 8th and
Venus is the hottest, with surface temperature = 735 K (461.85 °C); Neptune is the coldest, mean surface temp 55..75 K (Pluto isn't a full-class planet any more) Source(s): http
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The Solar System
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