Composition of Air?


Air is composed of gases with nitrogen being the most abundant gas at 78.09%. The second most abundant gas is oxygen at 20.95% and is followed by argon which is 0.93%. Carbon dioxide is 0.038% and the remaining gases such as neon, helium, krypton, xenon and hydrogen occupy less than 0.002% each.
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On average, the mass of the earth's atmosphere is composed of 76.7 percent nitrogen, in the form of N2. The remaining 23.3 percent of the atmosphere's mass is composed near-entirely
—The composition of clean air is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% noble gases, water vapour and carbon dioxide.
Air inside modern aircraft come from two sources, bleed air and recycled air. Jet engines suck in and compress large volumes of air. This compressed air is injected with fuel and
( ′er ′käm·pə′zish·ən ) (meteorology) The kinds and amounts of the constituent substances of air, the amounts being expressed as percentages
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In the air, there are may gases. The two most common that are specifically needed are oxygen and nitrogen to be used by animals and plants, respectively.
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Pure air can be described as the atmosphere used in the photosynthesis and breathing processes. The composition of air comprises of various gases in different ...
Inhaled and exhaled air both contain the same substances, but in differing amounts. Both inhaled and exhaled air contain 78% nitrogen. The composition of inhaled ...
Based upon extensive scientific sampling, it has been concluded that the average composition of air we breathe usually contains up to 21% oxygen. The remaining ...
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