What Is the Connection between Mark Twain and Halley's Comet?


Mark Twain is connected to Halley's Comet because he was born during a visit by the comet. He also predicted he would 'go out with it', which he did, dying one day after it came around in 1910.
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It is believed that Mark Twain (aka Samuel Clemens) was born the same month as the passing of Halley's comet in November 1835. Halley's Comet passed on November 10th 1835 and Twain
Samuel Clemens (who wrote as Mark Twain) was born and died while Halley's Comet was visible in the sky. Furthermore, he predicted that he would. Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org
Just before he died Halley's Comet passed over. He
Mark Twain's connection to the movie 'the miracle worker' is a significant one. He was great admirer of the blind and deaf girl, Helen Keller. He first met them, Keller and Anne Sullivan
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