What Is the Control Center of a Cell?


The control center of the cell is the nucleus. The nucleus regulates all of the cell activity, and also houses all the genetic information about the organism in the form of DNA.
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The nucleus contains the genetic material of the cell. It contains the DNA and the chromosomes which encode for proteins that perform activities in the cell. In this manner the nucleus
The nucleus is known as the control center of a cell; the mitochondria is known
Graphics drivers tell a computer how to interpret signals sent to and from the video card. These drivers make up the primary component of the AMD Catalyst Control Center. The drivers
Depends on what you define as "control". The DNA and RNA make sure the work is done, but hormones and electric impulses (in case of the nerves) stimulate the center to actually
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Each cell has different parts with different functions. The control center and director of the cell's activities is the nucleus. The nucleus will tell the cell making machinery which parts of the cells to make from lipids, carbohydrates and proteins.
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