Chair Rail Height?


A chair rail is a moulding on walls to prevent chairs rubbing on them. Generally , the height of the railing from the floor is a third that of the ceiling from the floor (usually between 32 and 40 inches above the floor). The height of the chair rail may vary as result of the height of the ceiling, the height of the chairs themselves as well as other architectural factors in a room.
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Chair rails can still be used in dining rooms to protect walls and, for that use, the rail should be placed at the height on the wall that aligns with the backs of the chairs in that
I would try 1/3 of total height of wall if u are going to use it as a chair rail I would put a chair up to the wall and see where it hits or see what looks the best where it may intersects
I have installed it at 32" and 36" to the top.
The standard height of a chair rail is 32 in from the floor to top of the
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Chair rail was originally intended as a wall protection against the chairs back that can scratch it, but now it is mostly a symbol of elegance and class, of refinement and style. Use a chalk to mark the right height for your chair rail. Usually that is between 30 and 36 inches (75-90cm), but you can raise it more for an enhanced look.
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