What Is the Correct Way to Set up a Buffet Table?


Setting up a buffet table can be complicated task but the following key factors should be considered. Set up the table area considering the food to be served. Decoration is optional but done as per theme. Place plates at the end of the table followed by the foods. An extra table for drinks and deserts is necessary. Lastly, place a trash receptacle nearby.
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Set plates at the beginning of the buffet table. If you are serving soup or chili, keep small bowls for this in front of the soup itself. Begin the buffet with the main course. This
<P> <P>Setting a proper buffet table can make all the difference in how organized and easy your buffet line flows. Typically, you should place your plates at the front
If you visit the link below, you can see a diagram for a proper
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What Is the Correct Way to Set Up a Buffet Table?
A well-arranged buffet table is essential for a efficient and easy-to-serve meal. The arrangement of the table should flow easily from one dish to the next, making it quick and simple for guests to fill their plates.... More »
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When setting up a buffet table always place the plates at the end of the table and forks,spoon and knife at the other end..this is then followed by food. it is always important to arrange food in order of main dishes,vegetables,salads and bread. this is also dependant on the type of food one is serving. there should be a place for dessert ,drinks
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The most important part about setting up a buffet table is to remember to keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot. Place items to be kept cold on ice and be sure ...
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