What Is the Cost of a 2-ton Air Handler and Air Condenser System?


The typical cost of a 2 ton system is approximately $2000. This cost does not include installation. This price will vary between companies. The best thing to do is to call local heating and air companies to compare prices.
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If the only thing to replace is the unit itself, the install is not expensive. You could buy a new 13 seer 2 ton unit for around $800.00. To have someone install could be done for
You can keep the copper pipes as long as they are cleaned during the transition. R410a requires smaller diameter piping vs R22. Like the other post said, we have no clue how you system
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That sounds about right. So you know, that was sarcasm. You haven't told us much: where you are, what kind of system (PTAC, PTHP, split, etc) all-electric or dual fuel, basement or
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