What Is the Currency of Mozambique?


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The Mozambican Metical is the currency for Mozambique
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The official currency being used in Mozambique is the New Metical (MZN), which is sub-divided into 100 centavos. In the southern belt of the country, South African Rand, US Dollars and Pounds Sterling are also acceptable for the payment of goods and services. In some expensive hotels in Maputo, credit cards are accepted, but in the rest of Mozambique this facility is limited.
In Mozambique, the currency used is the Metical (MZM).
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The Mozambican Metical.
The Mozambique meticais (MZM) is the official currency of Mozambique.
Mozambique currency is not in the forex market. Pls note the exchange rate for USD as of today. Thursday, July 17, 2008 1 US Dollar = 24'180.0 Mozambique Metical 1 Mozambique Metical
Metical. Dalasi is for Gambia, New Cedi is for Ghana and Pula is for Botswana.
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