What currency do people use in Switzerland?


The currency people use in Switzerland is the Swiss franc, according to XE. The currency code of the Swiss franc is CHF. The minor unit, representing one-hundredth of a franc, is called a rappen in German, a centime in French, a centesimo in Italian and a rap in Romansh.

XE states that the Swiss franc is the sixth most traded of world currencies. It is known as a reliable and stable currency, with purchases of the currency rising during uncertain financial times. Each CHF banknote features all four of Switzerland's national languages. The introduction of the franc as the sole currency of Switzerland occurred in 1850. At the time, it was at par with the French franc. By 1865, Switzerland had adopted the gold standard. Switzerland retired the gold standard in 2000.

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The currency in Switzerland is the Swiss frank (or franc) divided into 100 Rappen (or centimes)
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The Swiss Franc is the currency for Switzerland
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Switzerland does not use the Euro as its currency but the Swiss Franc is the legal tender used. They are however planning to switch to the Euro in the near future ...
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