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The price varies daily according to each country's stock market. Today in the US, the price per ounce was around 33 dollars.
The gold price varies too frequently to easily keep track of. Perhaps the most reliable way to get the current gold prices is calling your local jeweller. The current price of gold,
Currently the gold price is sitting at $45.84 for a single ounce of gold.
My site has gold price via an API totally free: here is the exact API call for you: http://www.quandl.com/api. /v1/dat. You can get it in other formats too, just click the API button
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The current gold price in different countries are as follows; Gold Money Gold Bullion Price :(£863.019 )$1,375.67 , Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Price : (£868.29-£913.21 ) $1,384.10 - $1,455.60 ,Kruger and Gold Coins Price :(£869.36- £912.71 ) $1,385.17 - $1,454.30 and American Gold Eagle Bullion Coins Price : (£875.90 -£928.93)$1,395.60 - $1,480.00.
The current price of gold per ounce is 962.68 pounds while it is 30.94 pounds per gram and 30931 pounds per kilogram. As any other commodity the price of gold is subject to fluctuations brought about by supply and demand forces as well as speculations.
Gold is a very expensive metal and it comes in second place after diamond. 28.4 grams of gold will cost about £1180.33. The cost of gold will mostly depend on the size of the gold.
As of 2011, the price of gold in the UK is 30.5400 pounds per gram. The price of gold in other countries is 15.6762 Argentine Peso and in Sweden it is 310.6955 Swedish Krona. You can also check online sites like galmarley and pecunix for more information.
The price of gold fluctuates on an hourly basis. You can find the current price of gold at the More link.
The current price of gold in the market keeps on fluctuating by the minute and to get the most updated price you can check out several online sources which have this information. You can visit sites such as Gold Price, Gold Price Today and Bullion by Post.
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