What Is the Current Value of Scrap Lead?


Scrap prices of lead, copper, aluminium, stainless steel and other ferrous and non ferrous metals fluctuate regularly. You can check the current rates from online sites such as scrapxchange or scrapmetalpricesandauctions.
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As of Aug 25, 2008 mixed lead is around 63 cents per pound, lead dross is around 17 cents per pound, lead wheel weights are around $0.42 per lb.
Scrap Metal Current Value: Aluminum .6343; Alum Alloy .5767; NA Alloy
The scrap value of a ship changes daily, based on a variety of things. Mainly, the price of steel. But a "good" rate is $400 a ton. So a 150,000 ton ship would earn $60
I have a little bit of lead about half car boot worth. im trying to clear out my shed. im weighing it in on monday but trying to find current prices. looked on net but seems very
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If you want to know the current price for scrap lead, please follow the following site.
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