What Is the Dangers of Using the Internet?


One of the dangers of the internet is habitual addiction by its users. Some people have even suffered loss of employment due to overuse of the internet. Long periods of time spent on using the internet can also isolate people from families and friends.
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dangers are usin a webcam to ppl u dont know or talkin to random ppl on chat
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The dangers of using the internet are possible attacks of unknown viruses, which can harm the computer's system files; children may get exposed to information that they are not supposed to see such as pornography, explicit music that has bad language and violent movies. Someone using the internet can also get tempted to perform illegal things like gambling or fraud.
The dangers of using the internet are; infecting ones machine with online viruses, access to unnecessary material, meeting with strangers through chat rooms and a hacker can access one's computer system when online and access the important information in it.
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The Internet is dangerous because it is a medium for the instantaneous and uncontrolled transmission of ideas. Theft of personal detail, spamming, pornography ...
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