What is a calendar month?


According to Encyclopedia.com, the most typical calendrical period lasting longer than day and night is the synodical lunar month of 29.5 days that account for the cycle of lunar phases. Different calendars throughout history have taken different approaches to the calendar month.

The source states that Ancient Egyptians developed a civil year of 365 days that consisted of 12 months of 30 days each, along with five extra days. The Mayans divided the days into 18 periods of 20 days, with five days left over at the end of the year. The discrepancy between the solar year and synodical lunar months has been approached differently by Muslim and Jewish calendars. The Gregorian calendar, with its 12 fixed months and standard beginning date, has become the worldwide standard.

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1. Chet. has 31 days and according to the Gregorian calendar it comes in the months of March-April. 2. Vaisakh. has 31 days and according to the Gregorian calendar it comes in the
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It made the names less accurate. Those four months are named for the Latin numbers 7,8,9,10; and now those four months would be the 9th to 12th months.
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calendar month
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