What Is the Definition of a Duplex?


Duplex means having two apartments, partitions, or floors. It is mostly used in relation to or being a single assembly of apparatus that has two identical units, which are capable of operating at the same time or independently.
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What Is the Definition of a Duplex?
A duplex is a two-unit dwelling that is legal to rent out to two separate individuals. Often, the mortgage of a duplex is similar to a single-family dwelling. Consider purchasing a duplex to offset mortgage payments with advice from a mortgage specialist... More »
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In real estate a duplex refers to a structure normally used for residential purposes which consists of two living units with a common wall.
A duplex refers to something that has two sides. For instance, an apartment that has two rooms on two joint floors that are connected by an inner staircase. This apartment is normally divided into two living units, which have separate entrances.
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Electrical wall outlet having two plug receptacles.
Duplex means "having two principal elements or parts. It is also used to describe
When a document has printing or pictures on both sides of the page this means that it is a duplex or two-sided document. . www.xeroxscanners.com/en/glossary.asp. # Dwelling divided
A duplex could be a building which houses two separate dwelling units or an apartment with two levels.
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