What is the definition of a guiding principle?


A guiding principle is a series of beliefs and ideas upon which individuals draw moral standings. It is also used as the central theme around why a business is founded. Guiding principles are mental constants that people use to form opinions about the rest of the world and make important decisions.

Guiding principles are the core beliefs that each person holds. These concepts vary from one individual to the next, depending on genetic factors, life experiences and educational background. The future choices a person makes are all based on the guiding principles which that person develops over the course of a lifetime.

The influence of guiding principles is felt in many major wars, political factions and religious environments. These methods of thinking are linked to individual moral cores, but people are often drawn together in certain groups or toward specific causes when their guiding principles align.

Businesses use guiding principles to establish the tenets and corporate culture of a firm. This serves as a mission statement and provides the company with direction and guidance throughout the major decisions associated with its livelihood. Guiding principles in the corporate landscape are determined by the founders and voted on by a board of directors or upper management.

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