What is the definition of a moral issue?


The definition of a moral issue is a topic dealing with right or wrong as it pertains to one's beliefs and value system. People deal with moral issues individually and as part of school, business, government and society in general.

Deciding on questions regarding moral issues requires that one determine whether or not an action violates his personal beliefs of what is right and whether or not himself or someone else is apt to be hurt by a particular action. Moral issues often go beyond what is mandated by the law. How one feels about certain moral issues very often depends on his religious beliefs. Fighting in a war is a moral issue for some people. Envy, while not forbidden by law, is also a moral issue.

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A moral issue would be one concerning the principles of right and wrong.
The definition of morals is: Motivation based on ideas of right and
morality play: an allegorical play popular in the 15th and 16th centuries
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