What Is the Definition of a Newton Meter?


Newton metre is the unit given to the tendency of any force to cause rotation of an object about a common axis. On Newton metre therefore refers to a force of one Newton that is applied to a one metre arm perpendicularly.
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Newton's second law of motion states that a "force" is something that "moves" an object. Technically, a force is equal to an object's mass multiplied by an object's
isaac newton has invented the newton meter.the SI unit of force is newton,therefore the symbol of newton is N. (Unfortunately, nobody wanted or needed it, so he could do nothing with
n. A unit of the meter-kilogram-second system equal to the energy expended, or work done, by a force of one newton acting through a distance of one meter and equal to one joule.
25 newton meters is equal to 18.44 foot-pounds torque, 25 joules, and 0.025
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[noot-n-mee-ter, nyoot-]
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A Newton Metre is the basic unit of a torque, commonly referred to as a moment. One Newton metre is equal to the torque force that results from the force of one ...
Sir Isaac Newton did not invent the Newton meter. This is the SI unit of torque, and is the rotational force exerted by a one Newton force acting one meter from ...
The Newton metre is a unit that is used to measure torque and is found in the SI system. It was invented by Isaac Newton and its symbolic form is Nm or N.m or ...
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