What is the definition of a "Newton meter"?


Newton metre is the unit given to the tendency of any force to cause rotation of an object about a common axis. On Newton metre therefore refers to a force of one Newton that is applied to a one metre arm perpendicularly.
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Newton's second law of motion states that a "force" is something that "moves" an object. Technically, a force is equal to an object's mass multiplied by an object's
There are three different things that the phrase "Newton meter" all of them related to the unit of force called a "Newton" A unit of energy. also known as a Joule
( ′nüt·ən ′mēd·ər əv ′törk ) (mechanics) The unit of torque in the meter-kilogram-second system, equal to the torque
25 newton meters is equal to 18.44 foot-pounds torque, 25 joules, and 0.025
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[noot-n-mee-ter, nyoot-]
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