What Is the Definition of a Prism?


A prism refers to a solid geometric figure whose two end faces are similar, equal and parallel rectilinear figures and whose sides are parallelograms. It can also be defined as a glass or other transparent object in this form, especially one that is triangular with refracting surfaces at an acute angle with each other and that separates white light into a spectrum of colours.
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A cuboid.
A rectangular prism is a solid 3D object with six sides that are
Prisms are made from glass or quartz and come in sizes that are measured in diopters. Larger prisms have wider bases and are thicker in general. The sides of a prism extend up and
rochon prism: optical device that produces plane-polarized ultraviolet light
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Optics. a transparent solid body, often having triangular bases, used for dispersing light into a spectrum or for reflecting rays of light.
Geometry a solid having bases or ends that are parallel, congruent polygons and sides that are parallelograms.
Crystallography a form having faces parallel to the vertical axis and intersecting the horizontal axes.
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Solid figure with bases that ends of the same size and shape. They are parallel to each other and sides are called a parallelogram. A crystalline body that refract light.
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