What is the definition of a "protist"?


According to About.com, organisms are classified into kingdom Protista by exclusion, when they are eukaryotic, meaning they are made up of cells where the nucleus is surrounded by a membrane, but cannot be otherwise classified as animals, plants or fungi.

How Stuff Works adds "This kingdom, sometimes called Protoctista, consists of single-celled micro-organisms and simple multi-celled organisms." Most of the protist phylums make their home in water, being considered marine or freshwater phylums, although a few are terrestrial or parasitic. A very diverse set of organisms is represented, including amoeba, kelp and various kinds of algae, like Irish moss, which is a kind of red algae.

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any of various one-celled organisms, classified in the kingdom Protista, that are either free-living or aggregated into simple colonies and that have diverse reproductive and nutritional modes, including the protozoans, eukaryotic algae, and slime molds: some classification schemes also include the fungi and the more primitive bacteria and blue-green algae or may distribute the organisms between the kingdoms Plantae and Animalia according to dominant characteristics.
Source: Dictionary.com
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