What Is the Definition of Abomasum?


The term abomasums refers to the fourth and the last section of the stomach of ruminants, which typically receives and digests food from the psalterium and passes it on to the small intestine.
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the fourth or true stomach of cud-chewing animals, lying next to the omasum.
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the fourth compartment of the ruminant stomach. It is an elongated sac, comparable in structure and function to the stomach of nonruminants. It lies in the right half of the abdominal
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Chymosin refers to an enzyme which is found in rennet. It is produced by cows in the lining of the abomasums and is produced by gastric chief cells in infants ...
Abomasus is the fourth or digestive stomach of a ruminant. This stomach leads from the third stomach known as omasum. The singular form of this word is abomasums ...
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