What Is the Definition of Abstract Art?


Abstract art is a term sheltering wide a variety of art. This is the exploration of the unknown subjects and forms to commune with the spirits. An abstract art therefore is not realistic.
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Malevich's Black Square Pollock's Composition No. 16 Kandinsky's On White 2 Newman's Onement 1 Jackson Pollock's "Lavender Mist" is probably the most famous Abstract painting
( noun ) - Abstraction usually refers to Abstract Art , artworks that do not represent a being, place or thing. Abstraction can also refer to depicting a being, place or thing in
The word abstract strictly speaking means to separate or withdraw something from
Lol! Yes, you're right- a blank white canvas or in full black can be called abstract. They will say you need some intelligence to understand the beauty of abstract, which is of course
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Abstract art is any art with no reference to any figurative reality. It describes art that depicts real forms in a basic manner keeping only an idea of the original natural subject. It depends on internal form but not pictorial representation.
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