What Is the Definition of Accretion?


Accretion is a process by which an organism grows due to accumulation of more tissue. It may also refer to a nonliving thing increasing in size as a result of deposition of more matter on its surface.
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an increase by natural growth or by gradual external addition; growth in size or extent.
the result of this process.
an added part; addition: The last part of the legend is a later accretion.
the growing together of separate parts into a single whole.
Law. increase of property by gradual natural additions, as of land by alluvion.
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a piece of lithosphere that becomes part of a larger landmass when tectonic plats collide at a convergent boundary.
Accretion:1:an increase by natural growth or addition; 2:something contributing
Accretion Growth of a cloud or precipitation particle by the collision and union of a frozen particle with a super-cooled liquid droplet which freezes on impact.
The act of adding portions of soil to the soil already in possession of the owner by gradual deposition through the operation of natural causes. The growth of the value of a particular
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