What Is the Definition of Acrimoniously?


The word acrimoniously is a variant of the word acrimonious and it refers to the state of being bitter and angered. This word can also be used to refer to someone who has a high temper when addressing other people.
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caustic, stinging, or bitter in nature, speech, behavior, etc.: an acrimonious answer; an acrimonious dispute.
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The definition if acrimony is a sharp and bitter manner. Any more questions for
acrimonious: marked by strong resentment or cynicism
Acrimony means bitterness. Main Entry: ac·ri·mo·ny [ákrə mnee] Pronunciation: [ákrə mnee] Function: noun - bitterness,
A quality of bodies which corrodes or destroys others; also, a harsh or biting sharpness; as, the acrimony of the juices of certain plants. Sharpness or severity, as of language or
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The word acrimonious means sharp or harsh in language or temper. It can also mean rancorous bitter or sarcastic. An example of this word in a sentence is: The ...
Acrimony refers to bitterness of manner, speech or temper. This is often shown in relation to the way one speaks or behaves. It can also be used to mean to speak ...
The term acrimoniousness is used as an adjective and it means characterized by bitterness or sharpness of manner, speech, or temper. This term can also be defined ...
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