Definition of Aerobic Endurance?


Aerobic endurance is the ability of an individual's body to supply enough oxygen to the muscular tissues to withstand long periods of repetitive exercises. Aerobic endurance is required in our everyday lives whether consciously or unconsciously during our normal duties like walking, cleaning among other duties.
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Aerobic endurance is the amount of oxygen intake during exercise. Aerobic endurance is the time which you can exercise, without producing lactic acid (and it building up) in your
Aerobic endurance is a term for someone's aerobic fitness capacity -
1. Plan an aerobic maintenance schedule within 25 to 30 days of the end of intense physical training. Studies have shown that aerobic endurance can remain for as much as 30 days;
Some popular forms of aerobic exercise are walking, bicycling and swimming. The intensity of activity is determined by how difficult it is for you to accomplish while maintaining
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Aerobic endurance is the body's ability for processing oxygen and circulating it through the body within a set period of time. It is one of the chief fitness components ...
An example for aerobic endurance is for example is running hope this helps. ...
Aerobics endurance is an important factor that is designed to increase blood circulation and respiration. These exercises also promote cardiovascular fitness. ...
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