What Is the Definition of Affiliation?


The term affiliation is defined as an act of becoming formally connected or associating oneself with a certain group. It is also defined as a social or business relationship.
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the act of affiliating; state of being affiliated or associated.
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Provider. Any health care provider from whom an employer or the employer's. group health plan's benefits manager will accept certification of the. existence of a serious health condition
Party affiliation refers to membership in or association with a
affiliation: a social or business relationship; the act of becoming formally connected or joined
An agency affiliated counselor is a person who is engaged in counseling and employed by an agency or county. They must be registered under chapter 18.19 RCW.
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Affiliable is a term used to define something capable of being affiliated to or connected with in origin. It also means to bring into close association or connection ...
The word affiliate can be defined as officially attach or connect a subsidiary group or someone to an organization. The term can also be defined as a person or ...
when you declare your affilation and it is recorded on your voter id card. ...
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