What is the meaning of "Aleck"?


Aleck is the diminutive form of the name Alexander which means 'man's defender' or 'warrior'. It is commonly used as a male first name and rarely used as a surname for either gender. One of the famous people with this name is Alexander the Great, the King of Macedon.
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The phrase smart alec(k) arose from the exploits of one Alec Hoag. A celebrated
(ăl'ĭk) n. Informal A person regarded as obnoxiously self-assertive. An impudent person. [Perhaps after Aleck Hoag, 19th-century American confidence man and thief.] smart-aleck
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Alec is the way i always saw it. But it's for a boy (people name their kid Alec) Alec - Alex - Alexander. But for a nickname it could be used for all sorts of names. Alexandria, Alexis
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a male given name, form of Alexander
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