What Is the Definition of Algebra?


Algebra is a part of mathematics in which letters and symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulae and given equations. It originated from ancient Egypt and Babylon, where people learnt to solve linear and quadratic expressions. Algebra may also mean the system of this based on given axioms.
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algebraic inequality, is an inequality that contains at least one variable.
The precision of a value describes the number of digits that are used to
Types Exponents are usually positive, but become negative when a minus sign (-) appears in front of it. Negative exponents are solved by dividing 1 by the positive version of the
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Algebra is the study of the rules of operations and relations and the concepts of terms, polynomial, equations and algebraic structures.
Algebra is simply a form of mathematics that happens to use letters instead of using numbers. It is also described as an abstract concept in mathematics.
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