What is the definition of "ambrose"?


Ambrose is a proper name given to men. It originates from a Greek word, "ambrosios," that indicates immortality or something that belongs to the immortal realm. Ambrose was the name of a saint who lived in the fourth century A.D.

Saint Ambrose served as the bishop of Milan between 374 and 397 A.D. He played an important role in increasing the early Christian Church's secular power. His feast day is on either Dec. 7 or April 4.

The adjective "ambrosial" describes something that possesses extraordinary appeal to the senses. It also means something that is commendable enough for people to regard as divine, or worthy of the gods.

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ambrose: (Roman Catholic Church) Roman priest who became bishop of Milan
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bishop of Milan 374–397.
a male given name: from a Greek word meaning “immortal.”
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