What Is the Definition of Ammoniation?


Ammoniation is a noun which refers to the process of mixing or combining something with ammonia or an ammonia compound. Compounds which contain ammonia are referred to as being ammoniated. The process is economically important since it is used in the manufacture of anmonium salts and nitrogenous fertilizers.
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to treat or cause to unite with ammonia.
a compound formed by adding ammonia in stoichiometric proportions to another compound, as CaCl2⋅8NH3 or CuSO4⋅4NH3.
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ammoniate: treat with ammonia
pl. cornua [L.] horn; a hornlike excrescence or projection; a structure that appears horn-shaped, especially in section. See also cornual. cornu ammonis see hippocampus. dorsal cornu
changes such as increased sugar content in ammoniated-treated hay cause the production of 4-methylimidazole resulting in poisoning manifested in cattle and sheep by restlessness,
mer´ku-re a chemical element, atomic number 80, atomic weight 200.59. (See Appendix 6.) Mercury forms two sets or classes of compounds: mercurous, in which a single atom of
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The term ammoniate is used as a verb to mean to apply or treat something with ammonia. Ammonia is a nitrogen and hydrogen compound that exists as a gas and has ...
The word ammonify is a verb that means treat with ammonia. A common synonym of the word is ammoniate and it is commonly used as a term in the nitrogen cycle. Its ...
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