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Anamorphic is a term that has several definitions depending on its use. It can be described as a cinematography method of capturing widescreen images on standard 35 mm film. It can also be defined as intentional distortion of an image. This term was derived from a Latin word 'anamorphosis', which means 'distorted optical image'.
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Optics. having or producing unequal magnifications along two axes perpendicular to each other.
of, pertaining to, or created by anamorphosis or anamorphism.
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Anamorphic format is a term in cinematography that describes the technique of using 35 mm film with a non-widescreen aspect ratio. This stretches the picture vertically to fill the
anamorphic: pertaining to gradual evolution from one type of organism to another; pertaining to a kind of distorting optical system
an'ă-mōrf A somatic or reproductive structure that originates without nuclear recombination (asexual reproduction); the imperfect part of the life cycle of fungi. [G. ana,
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