What Is the Definition of Astriction?


Astriction can be defined as the a term used in Scottish law to refer to an obligation to have the grain growing on certain lands ground at a certain mill with the owner paying a toll. This term can also refer to the contraction of parts by applications of an astringent substance.
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to bind fast; constrain.
to bind morally or legally.
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as-trik'shŭn 1. Astringent action. 2. Compression to arrest hemorrhage.
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The word astrictive refers to something that is binding, confining or stringent. This can occur when couples are getting married and exchanging vows; they are ...
Astrictiveness is the quality of being astrictive. The term astrictive on the other hand refers to an astringent which is an agent or substance. The term astrictive ...
The term astrict means confine, constrict or to bind. In law; astrict is done by signing a contract by two or more people with a motive of developing a legal obligation ...
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