What is the definition of "Atropos"?


Atropos was a goddess in Greek mythology. She was one of the Moirai, the three sisters who presided over fate and destiny. Atropos was specifically responsible for the death of mortals.

The three Moirai collectively presided over the life of mortals. Clotho spun a thread that represented each mortal life, Lachesis measured out the length, and Atropos cut it (signifying the point at which that person would die). The origin of the three sisters in mythology is unclear, as "Theogony" by Hesiod simultaneously refers to them as being the daughters of Zeus and Themis, and the daughters of Nyx, the goddess of the night.

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atropos: the Greek goddess of fate who cuts the thread of life
Atropos. is the name of one of the Greek fates, along with. Clotho. and. Lachesis. It is possible that. atrophy. is derivative of. atropos. but not the other way around.
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the Fate who cuts the thread of life.
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