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Augite is a noun used to refer to a dark green mineral belonging to the pyroxene group. This mineral mostly occurs in igneous rocks and it is made up of aluminium, iron and magnesium.
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a silicate mineral, chiefly of calcium, magnesium, iron, and aluminum: a dark-green to black variety of monoclinic pyroxene, characteristic of basic rocks.
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The word augitic is an adjective that describes anything that is of or that is related to or contains the mineral augite as a principal constituent. The origin ...
The term basaltine is a synonym of the mineral Augite. Augite is a single chain inosilicate mineral, whose crystals are monoclinic and prismatic. It has two major ...
Allivalite refers to form of gabbros that are made up of anorthite and olivine. They have accessories that are augite, apatite, and opaque and they are made from ...
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