What Is the Definition of Ballard?


The name Ballard means 'rounded like a ball' and it originated from English languages. It is normally used as a boy's name and it is pronounced as Ba-llard and it consists of seven letters and two syllables.
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As a matter of fact there are several definitions of the word Ballard. the first definition is a city in Utah, the second is Jon Ballard who was an English writer.
The definition of ballard is a name for an assortment of places, organizations and people. There is Ballard, California and Ballard,Utah. Then there's Ballard High School in Louisville, Kentucky and the USS Ballard, a ship decommissioned in 1945.
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There is no information online regarding the definition of the word belard. However, there is information regarding Ballard which is a name of English origin which ...
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