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A ballaster is a liquid that is put inside the car tire to act as a counter-balance in order to increase traction, reduce wheel spin, and dampen out the bounce of a car. A ballaster regulates the stability of a car and its tires.
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Nautical any heavy material carried temporarily or permanently in a vessel to provide desired draft and stability.
Aeronautics something heavy, as bags of sand, placed in the car of a balloon for control of altitude and, less often, of attitude, or placed in an aircraft to control the position of the center of gravity.
anything that gives mental, moral, or political stability or steadiness: the ballast of a steady income.
gravel, broken stone, slag, etc., placed between and under the ties of a railroad to give stability, provide drainage, and distribute loads.
to furnish with ballast: to ballast a ship.
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ballast: make steady with a ballast; any heavy material used to stabilize a ship or airship; coarse gravel laid to form a bed for streets and railroads; an attribute that tends to
Additional weight of material incorporated in a part of a contact lens to maintain it in a given orientation (Fig. B1). This is often provided by giving prismatic power to the lens
Informal; anything that helps bring balance to an economy or company. For example, if strong auto sales lift an otherwise stagnant economy, it may be said to be a ballast preserving
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