What Is the Definition of Bioluminescent?


Bioluminescent is used in reference to a living organism that emits light. Its noun form is bioluminescence, which refers to emission of visible light by living organisms such as the firefly and various fish, fungi, and bacteria.
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the production of light by living organisms.
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bioluminescence: luminescence produced by physiological processes (as in the firefly)
bī'ō-lū'min-es'ents 1. Light produced by certain organisms from the oxidation of luciferins through the action of luciferases and with negligible production of heat
n light produced by living organisms, such as fireflies, some bacteria, and some deep-sea fish, via chemical reactions. Most cells have low-level bioluminescence.
bioluminescent: (of living organisms) emitting light
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Bioluminescence refers to the production and emission of light by living organisms. This is common with sea animals which produce light as a means of attracting ...
Armillaria is a genus of parasitic fungi that are common on trees and woody shrubs. Various species of Armillaria are bioluminescent and may be responsible for ...
Cocuyo is a Spanish word that translates to firefly. Firefly is a family of insect of the order of beetles. They are capable of generating bioluminescence like ...
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