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Blanks are areas of writing that are devoid of images or characters. Areas of a questionnaire, for example, that are not completed or filled can be said to be blank. A blank mind is one that is devoid of thought.
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(of paper or other writing surface) having no marks; not written or printed on: a blank sheet of paper.
not filled in, as a printed form: a blank check.
unrelieved or unbroken by ornament, opening, decoration, etc.: a blank wall.
lacking some usual or completing feature: a blank roll of film.
(of a recording medium) containing no previously recorded information: a blank videocassette; a blank floppy disk.
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Blank is a place where something is lacking or an empty space. As a verb, blank means to cause to appear blank or empty. In speech, it is used in the idiom 'draw a blank' meaning 'to fail in an attempt'.
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The term, blank verse, refers to poetry or verse that does not rhyme but has a regular beat, like a heart beat. Most of Shakespeare's plays are written in blank verse. Poets in more
Blank verse is the technical name for unrhymed iambic pentameter - i.e.
blank out: be unable to remember; cut out, as for political reasons
Blank Cheque in WW1 was actually a Telegram, not a bank cheque. Austria-Hungary was willing to go to war with Serbia as long as they could be assured of Germanys support in the matter
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