What Is the Definition of Blotter?


Blotter is a term used to describe a sheet or pad of paper often inserted into a frame and kept on a desk. It may also refer to a temporary recording book used by the police to record charges arrests and charges.
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a piece of blotting paper used to absorb excess ink, to protect a desk top, etc.
a book in which transactions or events, as sales or arrests, are recorded as they occur: a police blotter.
Machinery a soft washer of blotting paper or felt for cushioning a brittle object against shock or pressure or for increasing the friction or contact area between two surfaces.
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A blotter is a piece of paper used to absorb excess ink AND a book in which
police blotter: the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station
Its an antiquated term where the desk sergeant would write down the names of arrested persons in a log book. There are no more desk sergeants and no more police blotters.
A book or computer program (more commonly the latter) where a brokerage records all trades on a trading day to which it is a party. The blotter records all relevant details of each
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The verb booked means to record charges on a police blotter against someone. It can also refer to allocating of time for a particular thing, to make a reservation ...
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