What Is the Definition of Blueprints?


Blueprints are defined as drawings that show how to build something such as a building or a machine, often printed with white lines on blue paper. A blueprint (singular) can also be defined as a detailed plan of doing something new. In addition, a blueprint is something that is a model of how something should be done.
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a process of photographic printing, used chiefly in copying architectural and mechanical drawings, which produces a white line on a blue background.
a print made by this process.
a detailed outline or plan of action: a blueprint for success.
to make a blueprint of or for.
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A blueprint is a drawing, which has an architectural plan, or, a technical drawing. It is usually a photographic print of plans that act as a guide to the user. The may sometimes be referred to as fiche diagrams.
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1. A construction plan. It is called a blueprint because it historically has been printed on blue paper with white lines. 2. In photography, a copy of a periodical printed before
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