What is the definition of "breek"?


The term "breek" or "breeks" is a Scottish variation of "breeches." It is used in the plural form in northern England and Scotland to mean "trousers." The Free Dictionary states that "breeks" is the plural form of the Middle English word "brek."

The term "breek" or "breeks" in Scotland also means "underpants." Ancient Celts wore "braccae," which is a Latin word similar to "breeks." The term "breeks" is especially used in Scotland during field sports, such as deer, pheasant, partridge and duck hunting. The etymology of "breeks" is also listed as common Germanic, recognizing the modern Dutch word "broek," which also means "trousers."

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(brēks) pl.n. Scots Breeches. [Middle English, pl. of brek, from Old English brēc. See breech.]
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