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Brow refers to the supercilliary ridge over the eyes. It has a lot of hair that helps to prevent sweat and dust from entering the eye. Brow can also refer to the projecting upper edge of a steep place.
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Anatomy the ridge over the eye.
the hair growing on that ridge; eyebrow.
the forehead: He wore his hat low over his brow.
a person's countenance or mien.
the edge of a steep place: She looked down over the brow of the hill.
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Eyebrow (noun) 1. is the arch or ridge forming the upper part of the orbit of the
brow ptosis: sagging eyebrows
the forehead, or either lateral half of it. brow suspension a surgical procedure to correct the redundant facial skin folds with ptosis and entropion of the upper eyelid which occurs
pre″zen-ta´shun position lie. Presentation of fetus. antigen presentation the hypothesis that macrophages not only ingest and process antigen, refining and complexing
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Browed can be described as having brows of a specified nature. This are the ridges over the eye or the hair growing on it. Their main function is to prevent sweat ...
A frown is a wrinkling of the brow in thought or displeasure. As a verb, the term is used to regard something with disapproval or distaste. It is the scowling ...
Browman is defined as a person who attaches or detaches tubs from the cable at the brow of an incline. A browman will be found in mining and engineering fields ...
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