What Is the Definition of Brusher?


The word Brusher is defined as one who, or that which, brushes. Most brushes are made of bristles, the best material for scrubbing, polishing, or painting. Brushing involves moving the brush along the surface with application of some effort.
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an implement consisting of bristles, hair, or the like, set in or attached to a handle, used for painting, cleaning, polishing, grooming, etc.
one of a pair of devices consisting of long, thin handles with wire bristles attached, used in jazz or dance bands for keeping a soft, rhythmic beat on the trap drums or the cymbals.
the bushy tail of an animal, especially of a fox.
a feathery or hairy tuft or tassel, as on the tip of a kernel of grain or on a man's hat.
an act or instance of brushing; application of a brush.
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